Nx3 2017/18

Nx3 2017/18
Nx3 2017/18Nx3 2017/18Nx3 2017/18Nx3 2017/18
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Model:  temp-NX3-80-36.5-XL





The Nx3 is back and better than ever before, our most popular selling stick!

This 80% carbon stick has the perfect combination of power and touch. Lethal when hitting the ball and 3D skills are much easier thanks to the Lowbow and the groove. The groove enhances the ability to drag flick, allowing more power to be generated. 

A must have stick for all drag flickers! 

All the Nx range sticks have a grip face on the head of the stick to make close control and stopping of the ball much crisper. 


​Carbon: 80% Premium Carbon Weave.

Core: Trinity 3 Channel Construction

Bow: Lowbow

Head: Maxi Head, Grip Face

Weight: XL-555gr L-565gr M-575gr

Playability: A great lightweight, highly playable low-bow stick, offering an excellent balance between power and playability while giving a great boost to any drag flickers out there.

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