DRN Indoor BansheeDRN Indoor BansheeDRN Indoor BansheeDRN Indoor Banshee

DRN Indoor Banshee


DRN Indoor Banshee

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Some have skills, some have great skills, but do you have the skills to master our Demon Stick and be Down Right Naughty?

Our DRN-I sticks are the indoor counterparts to our outdoor DRN range and have been specially designed for players who like to be Down Right Naughty indoors too. You can't be Down Right Naughty without having the right stick to match your skills and the DRN-I sticks have been designed to maximise the amount of (indoor) power, give you huge control for those close control skills and give you just that little bit Demon to allow you to out Trick, out Flick and basically outplay any who dare oppose you! 

The Tec Specs??

31% Possessed  Demon Carbon Weave (the 1% makes all the difference!)

A Trinity of Evil power Cores

Extreme Low Bow to give you Trick Flickability and Power.

Model:  DRN-IND-BAN-36