East Region Hockey Umpires Association

Please ensure that you are an East Region registered Level Two Umpire before ordering an East Region embroidered garment.

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Light Blue Beanie Hat

Light Blue Beanie Hat£7.00   £4.00

Light Green Beanie Hat

Light Green Beanie Hat£7.00   £4.00

Orange Beanie Hat

Orange Beanie Hat£7.00   £4.00

Pink Beanie Hat

Pink Beanie Hat£7.00   £4.00

Yellow Beanie Hat

Yellow Beanie Hat£7.00   £4.00

Umpires Light Blue Sweatshirt

Umpires Light Blue Sweatshirt£19.00   £12.00

Umpires Lime Green Sweatshirt

Umpires Lime Green Sweatshirt£19.00   £12.00

Umpires Orange Sweatshirt

Umpires Orange Sweatshirt£19.00   £12.00

Umpires Pink Sweatshirt

Umpires Pink Sweatshirt£19.00   £12.00

Umpires Yellow Sweatshirt

Umpires Yellow Sweatshirt£19.00   £12.00

Umpires Pink Wind Breaker

Umpires Pink Wind Breaker£17.00   £13.00

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Page 1 of 4:    55 Items