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Stick Length:  

Model:  dfvblue
Brand:  DFV

DFV Eco range is a revolution in stick design, combining traditional composite materials Carbon Fibre, Kevlar and Glassfibre from the petrol chemical industry with fibers from Flax a natural sustainable product. This combination exploits the natural shock absorbing properties of the flax which is 5 times greater than Glassfibre.

Composition 30% Carbon 30% Flax 40% Glass Fibre
Bow 24.5mm Mid Bow
Finish Blue Metallic Paint
Grip Brown DFV Embossed Quality PU Grip
Weights Light and Medium
Lengths 36.5, 37.5 and 38.5 inch

Attributes This stick combines Carbon and Glass Fibre with the maximum Flax content we use to produce a superb stick with great playability. This mid bow shafted stick is as easy to use, with good shock absorption and first touch this is a great all round stick. If you really want to enjoy playing with your stick in all conditions this is the stick for you

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