26 Evo Style Women's Black Yellow Playing Shirt lycra[1]


26 Evo Style Women's Black Yellow Playing Shirt lycra[1]

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The Technology

Polyamide : A nylon Elastane based performance fabric which is similar in look and feel to lycra based garments. 

   T-TEC BIO DRI : A polyester based performance fabric giving an ideal balance  between weight , comfort and durability.

   T-TEC EQUILIBRIUM:  A system which helps keep your body constant during exercise.

   T-TEC BIO TEC:   A system which kills bacteria and keeps the garments fresh during use.


Price: £130

STYLE: Evo,   COLOUR:  Black/Yellow   Fit: Womens

Total Garments:  26

Sizes: xs - 5, s - 8, m - 0, L-13,  


Personalisation is possible for all garments but an additional charge will be applied per garment. Please contact us for more details.

Garment Details:


Tempest's most popular and famous design is now available as a stock shirt. Featuring our lightweight breathable, dry wicking polyamide, with mesh evo panels, this is one of the most comfotable and distinctive shirts available on the market today.

Model:  EVO-BY1-W-WPS[1]